Thursday, August 4, 2011

| 04082011 | * I Am Happy Today! :D

Hello :))

i am very happy today. why? because..

1. i know more friends in my korean class.
2. i learned alot in korean class today.
3. i watch movie with ma gang of friends.
4. i came home at 2 something midnight.

well. i woke up at aroun 1230pm and had mua brunch at home. after that i watch mua movies and also study and do revision for mua korean like an hour i guess? trying to memorize some words and meaning. after that, get ready everything and went office to pick sister up. 

515pm, went to subang area and had dinner in face to face pan mee. mmmm full and yum yum :) entered class at 6pm and we still have one hour time to do our stuffs. still, revision for ze korean words and meaning plus reading as well.

7pm, class starts. and today our class is about conversation with each other. not more than that but just some basic greetings. although quite difficult to remember the conversation but we can practice at home. in ze class, we are grouped to talk to each other that we dont know. so we got the chance to know each other. thats why im happy x) there's something funny and we laughed together, and when there's a person who read wrong, everybody follow.

9pm, class end. went starbucks with sixta and accompanied her to buy her drinks and wait for ah lek come and pick me up. after a moment, entered car and move to mid valley for movie - Captain America

1215am, movie ends. story line was so so but kinda fake. ohh yaaa btw, i went movie with ah lek, chian, lam, ellane, sheng, wenhao and yaw. after movie, went canai to yamcha .__. chat a lot O.O long time didnt hang out with them already. so today im happy! x)

215am, ah lek sent me home. kamsahamnida :)

- i super like this thing i draw for mua file :D

- ze power of spongebob; can jump and hide everywhere.


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