Friday, August 19, 2011

| 19082011 | * Movieeee!

today, morning class as usual. class end, went one utama together with puiyi and teckseang. ofcourse, jasongoh and westlee were there as well. the purpose we went there is to watch movie! owyeah! movie we watch - zookeeper. before that, we were rushing eating in food republic.

after movie, i had baskin robbins as well because i seriously feel like eating ice cream .__. we cant go home because we wanted to avoid traffic jam. LOL. besides, we also bought few shirts from brands outlet because it is cheaaaaap! (:

night time, had dinner at hahaxiu panmee together. and met up lek and hong as well. second round after panmee, we went chatime yamchaaa.

late night, sent puiyi home and im home toooo! ;)

- guess what? these are all real food as they packing as sample. and what? only for 2 days! means after 2 days, they threw it all and make a new one for packing samples again! OMG THIS IS SO DAMN WASTE! :(


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