Friday, August 26, 2011

| 26082011 | * Happy Birthday Darling! ♥

Happy Birthday To Youuuu!  ♥ ♥ 

first of all, Happy Birthday to my beloved darling Pui Yi ♥ ! i believe you guys saw alot of photo and blog post which is about her right? ofcoz nahh. our friendship from high school grow until college. how about in the future? maybe im in England and you're in Malaysia? i must be missing you alot :'( my only human GPS is not with me.. how can i live without you? i must be lost! and no one can always watch movie with me.. like you, one day can watch 2 to 3 movies with me. where to find this kind of friend? ♥  tell me what to do if im not in here and fly to other country? how about you fly together with me? hehehe. type till here, i also wanna cry liauuu ;'( how about youuuu? i believe you must be missing me right now ♥ . anyways, Happy Birthday and all the best to youuu! dont be so prawn if im not with you okayss? love youuu! muacks! ♥ ♥ 

after class, went home had a short nap because i know tonight must be a tiring day! around 4pm, woke up shower and get ready. went to sunway pyramid to collect cake. then drove to ss15 san francisco and im alone waiting inside the restaurant. kinda scary but i did it. hohohoho. 

wait for like 15 minutes, they finally reach. they are puiyi, teckseang, wenhui and amanda. im damn hungry. therefore i eat quite fast. teehee. ordered lemongrass chicken with soup of the day. after we finish our dinner. *zhangzhang* cake come out already norrr. this is what a usual birthday people can imagine right? LOL. 

after cake, bills. then went ss15 Little Bali to yamcha? as in beer. happy night wud righttt. although im driving =x ordered 3 bucket free 1 bucket totally 4 buckets of Heineken. well, puiyi kinda mabuk .__. as everyone can see that. LOL. around 1230am, some of them left. left me, puiyi and teckseang.

then went to my house watch movie and continue drink .__. we are crazy i know. LOL. around 3 something, they left. and i also mabuk mabuk sleep on sofa until the next day morning x)

- Lemograss Chicken.

- menu book and the real one ;)


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