Wednesday, August 10, 2011

| 10082011 | * Gym Day 2.

planned to woke up at 1pm today, who knows i got 2 calls from mua lovely friend- jasongoh and huibin. woke me up and couldnt sleep back :( so i woke up like 1230pm. lying on bed until 1pm. jasongoh will be the driver today since the whole day we will be together like gummy .__.

120pm, switch onto his car and went to west house to picked him up. then went kenari good will restaurant to take their brunch? i ate my own bear bear biscuits .__. reached sunway pyramid around 220pm, met up puiyi and teckseang.

play some warm up basketballs outside gym- the so called ''da gei cheong'', but nobody one lahh D;

235pm, entered gym and start doing all the exercises. until 430pm. then me and puiyi went to steam and take bath. today only puiyi, teckseang, jasongoh, westlee and me went to gym. so after gym, we were all hungry. eat mum mum at porridge time again, eat back the same food again. went fruit stall and bought the same fruit again. and went the dessert shop and had the same dessert again .____.

7pm, went one utama to watch movie- Perfect Rivals 美好冤家

our movie was at 950pm, so we went to play play, walk walk, eat eat again .__. cause porridge cant feed me full .__. until 950pm, we entered the cinema. the movie was so so for me, although they said it is funny. maybe i am a person who not easy laugh loudly from those movies lahh aiyah i also dont know why :( but maybe its a funny movie? i dont really likes the storyline cause they keep on flash back. i feel so confused and when they flash back, i was like.. harrr.. what the hack flash back again ahhh... -.-" i feel so sien nehh.

1130pm, movie ends. thanks to jason sent me home :)

- my brunch :)

- before gym.

- after gym :)

- the car game :)


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