Tuesday, August 9, 2011

| 09082011 | * Gym Day 1.

woke up at 12pm. pack my stuffs and get ready. then out from house to pick puiyi up. then met up teckseang and chian in sunway pyramid gym. this is my first time to gym tho, very excited x)

we go for trials and like one week like that :) start doing gym, running, sit up, all that.. then 4 something, we went to shower. after that, went asian avenue to take our brunch- porridge. we also met up yilin and huibin as well.

after that, chian left. and we also separate with huibin and yilin. we walk ourselves. eat desserts in zen Q. after that, around 6pm, we decided went for the second round gym. i am so happy hahahaha. i dont know why am i so excited. maybe i got no sweat .___.

only puiyi, teckseang and me for the second round gym. around 9pm, take bath and went sunway mentari murni for our dinner, cause we're starving :( met up jasongoh and westlee as well. yamcha .__.

11pm, sent teckseang and puiyi home. then i went home too. ahhhh, tired deii x( gotta continue gym tomorrow! woo yeah!

- our noob coach .__.

- zen Q signature yumyum :)

- 2 aunties bargaining price .__.


- ahh, tired x(


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