Saturday, August 13, 2011

| R4ND0M | * 100 Things That You Might Not Know About Me.

Well, here's a random post to see how much you understand me. If you're not knowing me well, here's 100 things that you might not know about me. Figure it out! :)

1. I dont like people blend carrot because i can feel the pain.
2. I love carrot but doesnt mean i like to eat.
3. I dont touch my bed unless i already take bath.
4. I dont allow people touch or sitting my bed unless they took their bath.
5. Do not put something; as in anything on my bed. I want it to be perfectly clean.
6. I have to wash my hand every 2 hours. You will see me start rubbing my hand, that's the time i need to wash my hand.
7. I would love to be busy compared to do nothing.
8. I dislike holiday unless i've stress out.
9. I love high heels. The moment i entering those shop where selling shoes, first thing i will look at the heels.
10. I love to drink minute maid orange juice during movie in the cinema.

11. I dislike blue color.
12. I like to wear shorts and sleeveless.
13. I am a person who dont really drink water; 500ml i spend 2 days to finish it.
14. I hate friendship's war.
15. I feel uncomfortable and not focus in everything if having war or heart feelings with friends.
16. Im a person who used to be punctual.
17. I dont owe people money for more than 3 weeks.
18. Music is my life.
19. I like spicy food.
20. I like to hang out with a big group of friends.

21. I dislike chocolates. But i eat chocolates in certain mood.
22. I dislike cheese. But same thing, i eat cheese in certain mood.
23. I love kimchi.
24. Sometimes im noisy but sometimes im quiet like shit.
25. I dont listen to ghost stories and i dont watch scary movie.
26. I dont really watch fiction movies such as Narnia, Harry Porter etc.
27. I dont like fast food.
28. I dont like soda and soft drinks.
29. I dont really eat pop corn in cinema.
30. I dislike people spell or write wrong my name because i think my name is awesome and it represent my own style of personalities.

31. England is my dream place since i was 15.
32. I like red color.
33. I like stitch although it is blue color.
34. My nickname is lobak tomato but i like lobak more.
35. I like to sing k alone; i know its weird.
36. I like formal wear.
37. I like guys wearing formal too because it looks smart.
38. Before i start blogging in 4 years ago, i write diaries and i still keep it until today.
39. I dont start my car engine immediately when i enter my car.
40. I dont like people open my car door ownselves unless i open the lock or it auto open the lock.

41. I will straight away off my handphones if it rings all the time.
42. I dont like last minute.
43. Im a person who like to get attention.
44. I like to wear boots; but currently i dont have any. FYI, in the past, i wore it everytime i hang out.
45. I dont like gardening.
46. Im afraid of everything that will move such as cats and dogs but doesnt mean i dont like them. They are cute but im just afraid of them.
47. Things that i most afraid are insects.
48. I always have my dinner alone; so please ask me for dinner often.
49. I like to use blue pen compared to black pen.
50. I spend most of the time with internet everyday.

51. I like red wine.
52. I dislike people smoke especially in front of me.
53. Usually i choose inside area but not outside just to avoid people smoking and i extremely hate the smell.
54. Im a person who easily self abased or you can say low self esteem.
55. I can use 5 to 10 minutes to ready and go out even though i just woke up; but normally i will wake 1 hour before.
56. I love to write. So if the whole period of class without writing, i will also ready paper and pen on table for me simply draw and write.
57. Im very curious something about aliens and UFO, the moon, the sky etc.
58. I wont feel awkward and i can be friends with my ex which some of the people cant do it.
59. I like those phone which can feel the keyboard and type it with sounds.
60. I dont like people saying that im rich because im not; even though if you think i am, i dont like to be categorized.

61. I love jackets or can called it as sweaters.
62. I dont like to go mamak because i always dont know what to eat except maggie.
63. I dont like games.
64. I use 2 shampoo to wash my hair; different type of shampoo.
65. I take more than 10 minutes to shower.
66. I barely need soup if i eat rice.
67. I dont eat ikan bilis, chili padi and ginger.
68. I must need tissue whenever i enter toilet.
69. Usually i finish my food, lastly only i drink my drinks.
70. I extremely scare lightning and thunder; i cant and hardly drive.

71. I dislike rain if im not at home.
72. I dislike to see people's hair covering their face, same to me.
73. I dont know to tie shoelace.
74.I need soup when i wash my hand, its better.
75. I dont like to be control and order.
76. I wants everything to be planned and scheduled.
77. I need at least one packet of tissue in my bag.
78. I will check the balance of my smart tag before i enter the smart tag lane.
79. I hate people dont reply my message and pick up calls.
80. I have to wear watch everytime i out.

81. I dont really buy branded things.
82. I like to go pasar malam and crave for foods.
83. Im a person who easily get cold.
84. I dont really use lip stick but i use lip gloss.
85. I dont apply concealer on my eye even though i apply eye make up.
86. There is only one friend i can talk to her with rojak language; sometimes chinese, english and cantonese.
87. I never eat lok lok before; those lorry and with sticks standing there eating.
88. I keep movie ticket for every movie i watch and i write it behind who i watch with.
89. I list down every money i spend on.
90. Usually i take picture from high angle.

91. I will choose the place in the middle's side in the cinema because some of my friends always late to enter cinema.
92. I dont really like to wear covered shoes.
93. I dont like cars that modified and with noisy pipe sound; its annoying.
94. I like fried egg and distilled water egg.
95. I dont like egg yolk.
96. I dont like people waiting for me and i dont like to wait people; i expect people waiting for me if im the driver.
97. I put ringing keychain on my key.
98. I open window when i enter a car that just started the engine.
99. I takes long time to finish my drinks if the drinks is cold and with ice.
100. I like to go supermarket; i feel happy to see all the snacks and vegetables, meats etc.

So, how much you know about me? :)

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