Friday, August 12, 2011

| 12082011 | * Gym Day 4.

Hi, greet you with my warm smile :)

went college at around 10am and met yilin. then waiting for huibin and chian. 11am, went to enroll. we done our enrollment like around 12pm. then headed to Face to Face to had our lunch, with chian and yilin. after that we waiting for puiyi and teckseang because they still haven done yet. and they no car to sunway pyramid :(

so we went to banks, here and there. yilin suddenly left and we suddenly dont feel like going gym. around 2pm, they finally done and we headed to sunway pyramid. we entered the celebrity but we didnt do any gym, only went for sauna and steam .___.

4pm, we are done. and chian left. then we wait for the guys. 5 something, we left from sunway pyramid to tropicana. puiyi drove my car half way jam because its raining and thunder. i sense that i cant drive so i just let go. hahahaha. thankiew :)

bring teckseang to book the badminton court. then we went to one utama for movie. wow its jam .__. owh yeah that time stop raining already so i drove back .__. we reached one utama around 730pm. quickly buy tickets and met up jasongoh and westlee. then we had our dinner in food court. 15 minutes only .__. because we are in rush!

we watch movie - 福禄寿 The fortune buddies. well some of the part quite zha dou .__. and yeap not bad for me. can watch :D

10pm, movie ends. and we left. dropped teckseang and puiyi. then im home too :)


- while waiting puiyi and teckseang :(

- they are keeping my hair in good condition :D

- my Lilo is cute right? :)

- i love it so much :D


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