Tuesday, May 17, 2011

| 17052011 | * Happy Birthday AikHow.

First of all, Happy Birthday to TanAikHow aka AhLek :)

Had branch at Jojo at SS15 with mua sixta, yannie, calvin and andrew at first. Selepas itu, sent mua sixta to Sunway Pyramid. How poor i looking at her, she went there shopping alone. Sounds pity right? ;(

After that, back to Jojo, met all of them which is Chian, KS and WenHao. Then we went to Calvin's house. His house is so scary, two dogs and one of the dog bite me. T.T But nothing much because he's not actually biting me but the teeth touches my leg? Hmm. Wait Andrew jailbreak ze ipod and iphones for us. Half way, me and KS went to Subang pick up Lam, then Sunway pick up Yilin and Puchong pick up Lek ze birthday boy, then went to Clavin's house again.

Iphones failed to jailbreak because its kinda difficult to do so but mua ipod successfully jailbreaked. Thanks Andrew and WenHao. After a moment, everyone got in ze cars and heading to TimeSquare.

Reached there, everyone check in their foursquare. LOL. Then just shopping, walk walk. Find Lek's birthday present and Chian's hard disc, i bought a pen drive as well :)

After that, according to the birthday boy, he wanted to had korean food today. We went to Pavillion to have a look. But too bad, its kinda not suitable. Hence we went to Tony Roma's, its mua first time eating there.

Celebrated his birthday there and kinda surprise him? But at last he paid the bills and everyone get shocked of that because he paid it like nobody realize! OMG. Everyone keep on stuck the money back to him because seriously its so damn expensive. I guess alot of people thought we're bullying a guy yeah? We keep on take pictures and some of them records. LOL.

Finally, he took half of it. Then we back to Subang and Yannie left. Next station, Pelita to yamcha and chattings. Around 12 something, follow Chian and bring something for WingWing. After that, back to Chian's house and overnight there :)


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Hilda Milda™ said...

I love Tony Roma but a bit pricey for students like us x)