Saturday, May 7, 2011

| 07052011 | * Sleepless Day.

WOW! i only slept for an hour! great yeah? i dont know why, maybe i am very desperate of going out with mua boyfwend jinjin tomorrow? HA! :)

kaijin said he will reach my house at 8am but he called me on 730am. GOOD! i seriously only slept for an hour which i dont know why :( the reason we meet up today is because we need to bring shirt for kokming and he asked me whether wanted to go with him or not, so i'll just join :)

planned to take our breakfast and then went sunway pyramid but too bad. everywhere did not open their shop and therefore we got no breakfast. LOL.

reached sunway pyramid at around 930am. then walk walk and wait wait. finally 1030am we gave him the shirt and we hunt for food. LOL. lastly, we bought chatime and sunway pyramid's chatime is not as nice as subang's one. perhaps because im the first customer? im not sure about that tho. after that, we went street cafe and had our BREAKFAST. same thing, the food is not as nice as subang's one :(

12pm, kaijin sent me home and finally i can sleep :) besides sleeping, i also did some revision because i got exam on monday ;(

good luck to everyone, good luck to me :)

night time, chian, lek and fei came my house find me and we went to dabao thailand cheng tong. then watched movie and chattings at mua home :)

- kaijin and me.

- ahlek


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