Wednesday, May 25, 2011

| 25052011 | * Dinner?

Had 4pm class today. wheee! this is my first time having such a late class .__. but i like it because there's alotsssa parking! wooyeah! :p

310pm, picked up yilin and parked near AC. had a quick brunch at AC. 4pm, went to class and ms cheryl, sometimes this pattern sometimes that pattern LOL. said like that then do another way LOL. then scold people and deduct deduct marks. OMG. but we're kinda used of it already :)

6pm, class end and went home. i've already rejected going out with friends but still, suddenly im going out with them LOL. shower, then out to lek's house. meet them and we went Puteri for Nyonya food. WE are Yaw, Chian, Andrew, Lek, KS, YCM and Fei. 

10pm, home and damn full .__.


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