Saturday, May 21, 2011

| 21052011 | * 2AM Showcase Concert!

Hello! :)

Phews! I tot can enroll today but cannot! Ishh, mua mum dropped me in college then and left, feel kinda guilty and sad after she left but i dont know why. Met chian, yilin and lek then, had pork noodles as our brunch. Today's noodles kinda salty and not very nice, me and chian cant finish ;( Oh besides, we also had Gong Cha, hmm i still prefer Chatime because i feel Chatime nicer hahaha ;p

Suddenly got invited to the 2AM korean singer's showcase. Yaw not coming back and then i had an extra ticket.  Thanks so much Calvin Loo :) 

Went home, shower, make up and out. Lek fetching me and very very rush, my eye liner also draw wrongly LOL. went to pick up Lam and he;s so darn slow, i slowly draw nicely my eye liner in car. HAHA. Lastly, met up at Fei's house. 

Chian, Yannie, Calvin Loo, me and Lek in one car. We reched KL damn early, then wait a while and get into the hall or centre or something LOL. See them singing and people shouting, damn high. Its not really alot of people tho. Besides, celebrating the 3 of their birthday, ze 2AM's and there's also fans singing with them, hugging with them and even holding their hands OMG! i am so jealous!

7 something, we left and went to had Teow Chiew porridge as our dinner. Spent RM10 to the place and nothing so special! Just because its the first Teow Chiew porridge shop? But it is so nothing special at all! Just like a mixed rice store ordering a bowl of white porridge and get the veges yourself, that's all. All people in car was complaining. LOL.

Last station, Station One yamcha and listening people singing. Around 12 plus, home :)


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Isaac Tan said...

glad to see you really enjoyed yourself at a happening event! :)