Friday, April 22, 2011

| 22042011 | * Goodbye Pendrive.

*HAWHHH* big crazy and smelly yawn for you. teehee ;D good morning! woke up darn early, 6am and fly to jasontan's house. pick him up and parked my car at college waiting for chian. she accompanied us to shoot the documentary, awww how sweet yeah? :)

jasontan is driving mua little myvi to damansara again. during shooting, i kinda enjoy the environment at the condo because its so such a nice place. awww jealous woii! ><"

finish shooting and sent jasontan home. went to mc donalds and start doing the editing, but i couldnt do mine because the video is all with jasontan and he suppose to edit it but OMG he accidentally slept. WTH. LOL.

end up, i edit for the whole video and i do the documentary ;( btw, thanks chian dear for teaching me using premiere pro and lend me her laptop to edit. besides, she accompanied me to edit, waiting for me to edit, helped me edit and she purposely woke up and go for shooting with us. how hell amazing she is? :)

end up, still i hardly rush. lecturer told me the assignment had to pass up either before 5pm or on monday. but i finish edited at 430pm and i still havent do the documentation.. so choiceless, i had to come on monday again =S

and one thing, finally i dump my ''fake'' kingston pendrive. because it cant store something sometimes; or sometimes the music or something i saved in, the content either will lost or cant play it. WTH. byebye my pen drive. ;( and yeahh of course i format it before i dump it. kinda sad while throwing it. ;(

around 6pm, went home and rest! phews tired day! =/


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