Sunday, April 17, 2011

| 17042011 | * Last Day of Working

assignment is killing me! D;

finally, today is the last day of working day. im so tired, you know the feeling of standing and work from 11 to 9, then when you're home, you cant go for bed but what you have to do is on your computer and do assignment, facing all the words and you need idea? WTH that's so stress man ;(

surprisingly, i did not make up for the last day. normally i would make up for the last time but maybe the first and second day i might not make up. but and something more surprise is, puiyi make up today. HAHA. because she have to go up stage to like giving out prizes and stuffs so she have to.

early morning puiyi and kaijin came to mua house. chian helped puiyi for mascara and i helped for eye liner whereas kaijin helped sleeping on ze sofa. LOL. everyone had porridge as breakfast but it's like so no feeling because i feel i eat nothing. LOL. therefore everyone is hungry damn early of working time. WTH.

besides, i've got scold from a customer because of his stewpid mind. he thought he speaking english and reading newspaper is such a moral people but too bad he's not. his son pushed me, and yeah im a person who dislike children that is naughty and noisy, i feel like throwing them into ze rubbish bin or flash them away in the toilet bowl. LOL. so once his son pushed me, i already feel so dislike but i didnt said anything. i served him and he scolded me.

WTH. he told me the newspaper wrote the GPS selling RM399 but our terms and condition is the second unit RM399. i told and explained to him, saying that some people they share with their friends, buy together or they had 2 cars. then he keep on scolding what for he buy 2 unit? and keep on scolding say he purposely come here and now we're selling other price. LOL.

i told him, there's terms and condition right? he said yes. and then i said the terms and condition is you have to buy 1 unit then the second only RM399. then he said didnt have terms and condition. WTH and he speak so loud i was like so innocent looking at him, i feel like argue with him because he is such no brain.

in my dictionary, there's so such sentence '' customer is always right. '' there's no such thing in my dictionary because some people they are just brainless WTH. a worker of M3 Asia settled the thing and i went toilet with puiyi. feel like wanna cry in ze toilet. WTH man, but i controlled because i know that was not my fault. but i just feel so angry WTH.

9pm, finally finish working. took pictures and went home. then send chian to petronas and lam pick her up. then went home, continue assignment and finally done. WTH with my life WTH.

- zinnie and us ;)

- finally bought hard disc ;)

- thanks jason deong :)



Isaac Tan said...

poor you. Some customers can be a real prick ya.

Hilda Milda™ said...

how much is the 500gb hard disk? :D