Saturday, April 9, 2011

| 09042011 | * Its Been A Long Time.

Hii people,
looking at my smiling picture look so damn kawaii right? (:
so please do miss me much and visit my blog, heheh ;D

Its been so long i never wear my contact lens. and today, i wore it to go out. its like i suddenly have the mood of wearing it lahh D;

morning, woke up and shower. then chian came to my house and we drank a cup of milo. off to pick up puiyi and we went damansara for the job training. training for around an hour, 3 of us starts starving.

back to mua house and out to subang parade. met up with chian and lam in sakae sushi, had our lunch together (:
around 4pm, we left.

me and puiyi went to sunway pyramid, bought movie tickets - Just go with it.
and we start hunt for her shoes. and hunt for my bag as well. and i bought a facial cleanser from body shop and a eye and lip make up remover from the shop which i dont know what the shop name is =x

and yeahh i finally bought a bag from maple which is kinda similar or perhaps its totally the same with chian's one. because that's really look nice and kinda convenient i guess? there's 2 pocket beside, easy to let me place my phone there (: so i bought it with RM69.50.
kinda expensive and yeahh out of my budget. hope i can use more than 1 year, my white bag that i used to bring everywhere in college or wherever, that's already a year. last year my birthday present until now. so i wish this bag can accompany me more than 2 years? (:

a dress i saw and i tried, i like it so so so so much. and i always dont look nice in dress, but the dress damn nice when i wore! but too bad, their cutting the zip there got problem, cant zip one. :'( damn sad rightt. i told the person, then she let me tried another 2 but still the same, even ask the person come in and help, she also cant make it. so sad i like that dress so much :'( and it's in red color T.T

haihh forget about it. after shopping for a while, we almost forget our movie until the last 5 minutes, we ran into the cinema. luckily havent start yet. this movie makes me feel kinda boring a lil bit. i dont know why, its like not what i expect maybe? btw if you feel like watching........... you can go watch (:

930pm, left from sunway pyramid. sent puiyi home and im home to eat bakuteeee! mua love! damn long time didnt eat that. phews! (:


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