Monday, April 25, 2011

| 25042011 | * Green Box!

first of all, sorry for let my dears waiting for me to finish my documentation in ze classroom. heheh. finally hand in my last assignment, no burden anymore! actually yes i have ----- FINAL EXAM!
*aiyah still long lahh play first lahh* HAHAHAHA =P

went to klang bukit tinggi green box karaoke with chian, wingwing and yilin. woohoo! had alots of snacks! i i i i i i non stop biting like hamster! OMG so cute right? means... im so... cute! HAHA. x)

after green box, walk walk everywhere and after that, went to wingwing's shop to had our dinner there. WAO! the food there! YATT LAO! damn nice and yummy! OMG im so darn lovin it x) i must bring my mami eat there i must i must!

after dinner, went to wingwing's house wait for her to shower a little while then, heading to chian's house because her mami make egg tart for us! wooyeah, thanks so so much! but i got no chance to try because........... my sister stole it and makan already ;(


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