Monday, April 4, 2011

| 04042011 | * Assignments!

Hello! (:

nowadays, not only parents and adults are the one who busying for the one whole day, even students! they had their stress too! just like me .____.

guess i more worst than the adults you know -.- they can rest after 11pm, at least? students have to stay up late until 4 or 5am, or even sleepless night. WTF. just because of ze assignments and projects, tests and finals. WTH.

so yeahh in this blog post im gonna talk about how unlucky and how suffer am i. from early reaching ze college, i went to the library to start doing my assignment because the due date is tomorrow. i know i shouldnt be so damn effing last minute but sorry! i got no more time, was busying for a lot of stuffs.

class end at 6pm and went home. rest for a little while and continue my assignment. guess what? NO ELECTRICITY! and my assignment gone -.- i know what you gonna say, microsoft word auto save my files right? yeahh when i on back, there's a box beside my document, but the problem is i opened it but nothing. Hackkkk, i have to retype it!

and the assignment is the freaking see and guess what the photo is telling me about. the pictures does not have any mouth lahh and i cant understand. well, long time i never try to suffer from assignments, lets cherish the time. WTF.

finally i finished it by 1 something in ze midnight. finally im done, finally. before that, i was like stress until keep on spamming my facebook wall. LOL. what a messy facebook wall, even myself also feel that is so so annoying.

ahhhh but yeahh finally, my assignment done! YES! ;DD

see my pity face look so tired x'(

seriously idk what's the assignment about :(

look at my facebook feel so annoy.

ehehehe iloveyou mwah!

Love, Kell.

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