Friday, April 15, 2011

| 15042011 | * Working Day 1

Hewoo :)

its been a long time i didnt work. i realize that i am very nervous for this job today - PC Fair. idk why everytime i work PC Fair i feel so nervous, perhaps i afraid i got no sales? because there's really a lot of promoter there snatching customers. seriously im scared.

another thing, this time is different. not only me and puiyi together but with chian and hueyyih as well. so 4 of us stick together, we find customer for each other when we've got sales. but somehow i feel that's not so good because i will not put so much effort in after i got my sales.

sold 2 units today. a lot of promoters and some are the model wannabe. shows that im so ugly and no sales. T.T they could seduce a lot of customer yah? ;(

night, kaijin sent us home and chian overnight my house again :)

tired day; nights! :)


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