Thursday, April 21, 2011

| 21042011 | * Busy Day.

thanks God for the documentary had postponed the deadline until friday, yeah but still rush WTH. ;( went to journlism class as usual. class end, waited the JJ to had his lunch and went to pic jasontan. then went to damansara to start shooting again. kinda fail job ;(

after shoot, around 4pm. jasontan drove my car back to their house then i drive back to my own house. get some rest until around 8pm, out from house to the college area again. met up chian and jasontan, sitting at mc donalds to do our assignments, the DIE, the editing and the documentation, everyone busy for ownself stuffs.

around 1030pm, chian left and i went home as well. finally got received my Dot Red card, not bad x) and AHHHH, OMG tomorrow morning still have to go to the interviewee's house to shoot because we got not enough scene. OMG we have to woke up damn early.............. ;(

- ze look of the day.

- JJ.

- JasonTan.



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