Friday, April 29, 2011

| 29042011 | * Prawn Head! ;(

went to sunway pyramid at around 11am to give the worker the freegift. i am not necessary to do this but i offer to help, but the ronald is so no manners. WTH. fine!

after that, went to college and study in an empty class. WTH i forget bring my most important file! no wonder i feel like so nothing today, all my notes were in the file. WTH what am i suppose to do then? Haihh. ;(

didnt really study today, seriously. OMG how can i become like this OMG. ;(

145pm, went to chatime with puiyi because they opened today, finally. not that much people as how i imagine. bought a wrong drinks but forget about it. ;( got a candle as souvenir.

after that met up yilin and back to the classroom, i still do nothing. but yeah i studied a little, really a little. phews. until 615pm, i left and back home.

night time, had dinner at shabu shabu with sixta. :)

Blink of an eye, it's already 8 months. ;(


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