Wednesday, April 27, 2011

| 27042011 | * Interview?

haivng BM exam today, but i was like so damn relax because my coursework marks is high and i got confident i can pass :)

930am, me and chian came out from the exam hall. met up calvin, yilin and kaijin. then we went to kuai sang, following met up yan and had breakfast together. kaijin drove us to bangsar for the interview today. actually its nothing much like interview, its kinda briefing or training. LOL.

bad things happened, they suddenly dropped the basic salary from RM100 to RM80. we discussed outside and decided to press the bell and talk to the people, argued and scolded. yeap we got back what we want. but end up still feeling its kinda stress and we dont feel like working it. the whole day, we are busying finding the replacement.

night time, planned to went damansara to had dinner and celebrate alvin's birthday. thanks to huilin, ruined the whole plan. LOL. she comes late and keep going the wrong places until we reached the place, already close. WTH. thanks so much i love you fucking much :)

she asked us out so darn early, and i am so damn restless but still decide to out, tamade we 7pm out, she 830pm only out? where got such things 1? WTH. frankly speaking everyone is angry. ;(

finally, mamak place. celebrating alvin's birthday. special place, hope he happy :)

Happy Birthday Alvin! :)

gotta get some rest! :)
thanks KokMing to replace me :)


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