Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Today *\\06.04.2010//*

finally done DIE project and also presented.
today suppose to done my mass comm presentation but not enough time.
i wear formal for nothing,
luckily Dwana change DIE presentation with me.
so she'll be presenting on thursday and i present today.

and my presentation sux!
cant believe that lecturer ask a lot of question that i dont how to answer her.
damn sad after that.

get calls from my sister.
after class and sister pick me up,
we went IOI and eat sushi king together.
then went popular and buy some stuff.
went jusco and buy some stuff and so on.
boring ma.

around 10pm,
came home and online for a while,
then shower and went to the bed.
im really very tired.

- my DIE project done. x)

- by kellye tan

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