Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Today *\\08.04.2010//*

today is our last english class.
and miss tina is going canada after our finals.
even though she's strict and fussy,
but we're all mature and know how to differentiate what is right and what is wrong.
she do these are for our good,
we know.
and because of that,
we did farewell for her.

and we didnt know that it's her birthday today!
luckily we bought cake also.
we ordered domino's pizza and bought soft drinks ad everything we ready like cups, paper plates, tissues and so on.
nice right?

after the celebration,
we all went pool.
obviously and honestly,
chian, joyi and me,
damn me.

and addicted until cannot addict anymore that type.
i have to control, i know.

during pool,
meet my darlings and said that wanna have lunch together the next day.
let me think about it?
cause i have 3 appointments.
depends on who i wanna go out with.

- let's party people! :)

- the last teaching scene during her class. :(

- foods are ready!

- lazy people always gap luii and dont come and help. =p

- let's have some music. :)

- pizza!

- cake. :)

- the moments...

- i damn cute right? xD

- miss tina and me. :)

- puiyi, me and amanda.

- we are always one family. :)

Happy Birthday Miss Tina,
All The Best and never forget, We Love You.

- by kellye tan

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