Sunday, April 18, 2010

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for the past,
what we left is only memories.
that's why,
we have to make use of every second,
enjoy the time spending with friends or whoever is important to you.

i miss my past,
a lot, a lot.
my friends?
study together in the library?
eating inside and outside school?
sleeping in class?
hang out?
holding each others' hand and walk all the way long to the garden.

i wish to hug you guys now.
hug you guys, TIGHT!

but what we left is memories,
what we are now, we are.
what we have to face is,
front; future.
we have to put more effort on our college life.
assignments, overseas.
some of us have farewells, leavings.
we cry, we sad.
and this is also our life.
this makes us grow up.

we still have long way more to go.
we're in college stage right now.
soon more,
and attend friend's wedding?
see our friends to have their life partner.
my turn.

wondering who is my life partner?
yes i always think of this.
because i dont want to waste time on others.
i want a stable relationship and it last forever.
that's what i want, for now and future.

then soon,
i become a mother,
then soon more,
a grandmother,
then soon soon more,
grand grand mother.

wow that's too far.
but isn't great?
great of thinking and dreaming for future.
if doesn't dream, doesn't imagine,
how can you believe?
am i right?

well actually i dont know why am i posting this.
but i feel that i'm very lonely.
and all my dears is sleeping, i guess?
i feel like talking, sharing.
and tadaaa!
blog is my best friend,
ever ever best friend!

how i wish i can go back to the past,
at least,
i think less,
i sad less too!
so that my white hair can grow less.

but too bad,
fact is fact,
this is life.
life is always happy happy, unhappy unhappy, anger anger, tired tired, frustrated and many more.
i always tell myself of being a success person.
actually can I?
yes i believe,
sometimes it doesn't seems that I can do of what I wish to do.
and i start posting a lot of meaningful quotes on my Facebook.
such as success success, life life and many more.
i remember the last quote,
If our life never have unhappy things happened, how to shows that happiness is happy?
yes, true right?
but sometimes unhappy really make me feel so..
i dont know.

something make me feel so..
i dont know laahhh.
disturbing me.
can i move back to the past?

- by kellye tan

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