Friday, April 23, 2010

My Today *\\23.04.2010//*

went college in the morning,
for getting back cheque and met IT seniors.
went pool and met them,
then went asia cafe.

after that went sunway pyramid all together.

i mean chian, wingwing, sheng, aikhow, yaw, lam, fei and me.
8 people.
went redbox and sing.
dont know what is happening to me today,
i am lazy to sing and lazy to pull my pitch,
i think i am either moody or tired,
i am not sure.

then back to inti again,
went snowflakes with chian and wingwing.
then went IOI for dinner and movie with joshua.
i am home.

is our last day.
i really hope he dont hate me.
because i can say that,
that is not what i want and that is not what i willing,
but overall still my fault,
I am so sorry, I apologize to you, I am so sorry, JC.
never forget, ILY.

- by kellye tan

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