Friday, April 9, 2010

My Today *\\09.04.2010//*

at last,
i decide to go out with the WHATEVER.
amanda, puiyi, teck seang and me, jeeseng in penang and seehui always never join.

after class,
met up them and amanda sent us to opposite IOI,
the cone pizza.
this is my first time to eat there,
and how long i never been with them.
yeah right,
im very busy.

having fun eating with them.
and of course i miss the moments that i spent with them in the past, a lot a lot.
after finish eating,
they went back and im waiting for joshua,
we went pool.
yeah i'm having a little bit moody.
pull joshua to pool with me,
and as i said,
im addicted.

he thought me how to play, a little skills gain.
after pool,
he sent me home.

actually there is another session pool with darren also.
but i cant really hear what he said.
and end up i went home,
and he called me,
ask me go yamcha.
i went out again.

after that,
darren sent me home again.
and i start my revision for my tomorrow's paper.
it's my finals tomorrow,
but i can actually go for pool.
WTF with me.

- marks marks marks.

- know what? my darlings said i become more cute compared with the past weih. xD

- teck seang and puiyi. :)

- club 2, snooker & pool.

- joshua ordered. o.O

- by kellye tan

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