Thursday, April 29, 2010

One Day Trip in Malacca *\\27.04.2010//*

well well.
sorry for the late posting this.
because i tried my very best to upload the pictures taken in Malacca but too bad.
i still cant make it.
because the line too slow.

i got my way.

first of all,
thanks to Yaw to guide us the way to Malacca and bring us to eat all the delicious and famous food there.
We enjoy a lot.
We went to eat chicken rice balls, satay with peanut sauce and also the most delicious cakes that i would never forget the taste, Thousasnd layer cake.
it is so pretty yummy and it is so special.
I love it so so much.

we also went to pool and somewhere like sea side?
But isnt a beach.
but well,
we still enjoy the feeling of wind blowing and we enjoy the sound of waves.
i really feel it and it is so comfortable.

we also went to see the historical places and photo shooting as well.
took a lots of picture by 2 professional photographer.
oh yeah did i mention who was joining the trip?
Yaw, AikHow, Fei, ChunMeng, ChungLam, JianVyee, Sheng, Calvin, Yannie, YiLin, Chian and me.
Total 12 people from IT and Mass Communication.

It's a great great great trip i've ever had.
really enjoy a lot but too bad i cant overnight,
if not, i believe it will be more fun.
try to make it next time kayy?

3 cars sending Yaw back home,
his Malacca home.
thanks a lot Yaw!

You guys can enjoy the photos by clicking here and here.
2 different camera with 2 different photo album.

- love ya'll! =)

- by kellye tan

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