Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Today *\\28.04.2010//*

I woke up very late today.
i woke up at 3pm.
and what is the first thing i do?
i replied my message to my dear chian.
and i straight come to front of laptop.
got a bad news.
and really pissed me off.
make me supremely angry.

today is seriously no more.
if there is,
i dont want anymore!
know what?
there are people spreading the fake news saying that i go and flirt with guys,
saying that if the guy got no girlfriend and i will go for him.

fake news is kind of common things,
because everyone have mouth and always like to talk.
i never blame.
but the problem is,
there are one guy which is i love him the most,
believe what other people said and come and break with me.
at first,
i request to think carefully.
but after few hours,
i decide just break.
this is not a relationship.

i still remember he asked me loooong time ago,
'' what if you saw i am hugging a girl? ''
i answered, '' i wont slap you immediately, i will find out what is happening first. ''

How about you?
tell me how about you?
never even find out what is happening,
never even have evidence,
never even SEE IT,
but only hear what people said,
and so,
you believe!

prove that how important their word is.
well and this also prove that i am not anything that worth to let you believe in me,
am i right?

at first,
i never blame the people who simply spread,
because for me is,
i never care how people see me,
as long as i know what myself doing,
as long as you JC, my dears, darlings and family believe in me.
but the first one who send me to the hell,
never believe that is was you.
i am not purposely cursing that people who talk about me.
but he/she ruin mine at first,
so i think he/she better be careful his/her future kids got no butt.
honestly i am cursing this damn strongly in my heart,
i am really, seriously angry.

maybe if there is a small things then i will never put in heart,
but this is too big,
until ruin my felicity,
i have to.
impossible i take it as my fault because it is not.
i will never admit with those stuff that i never did.

i am not sad,
but i disappointed,
my heart break.
and i feel myself is like a fool.
love a person that he didnt even believe in me.
what for?
i thought i told you before?
in a relationship,
most important thing we must have only 5 things.
Honest, Forgiving, Understanding, Believing and Tolerating.

you lost your believing at first,
next is understanding,
then coming up is forgiving,
then tolerate and honest.

you got no ANYTHING.
because you SAME like others,
never even have extra believe towards me.
You SAME like others,
judge me without knowing my personalities.
You SAME like others,
only know to LISTEN but never even FIND OUT the EVIDENCE!

LOVE can just transform into HATE in only few minutes msn chatting.
know why?
deeply disappoint a person,
deeply broke my heart.

well fine,
it's all over.
you want to believe in who,
it's up to you.
we're over JC!

dont say you believe me if you are not,
dont say something that you wont even follow,
dont cheat me like a fool,
i have feelings,
i am a human.
i am not your toy and just throw me aside.
dont even promise me anything if you cant make it.
makes me feel that you're just a liar!

i said, i did.
i admit because i really did.
i did not admit because i never even do it.
how about you?

there are NO FOREVER in this world.
these are all FAKE!
in this world,
there are always a lie behind the truth.

you broke my heart,
make me feel that there are so hopeless with BOYS!
said thanks to you if i really become a lesbians.
thank you sooo much.
there is not a relationship if there isnt believe.

- by kellye tan

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Anonymous said...

well wat goes around comes around, he did talk bad about sumbody n de gal believe but now ppl talk bad about de gal n de guy believe. basically is juz a circle of life, juz ignore n move on.