Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Today *\\14.04.2010//*

class as usual today.
and after class,
went sunway eat sushi king with the girls,
cause having promotions,
the RM 2 per plate that promotions.
whil eating,
im thinking about the past years,
we all WHATEVER girls eat together with jia yong,
and i also went mid valley eat with seehui.
will they think of me while eating?

after that,
went pool again.
cause we got no other place to go.

and yahhh!
it's Dabez birthday today!
Happy Birthday Sha!
guess i wish you a lot of times ya?
still, all the best.

after sunway,
brother sent me home,
and i am going to start my plan today.
this plan was planned 2 months ago,
i want to keep fit,
want to do sit up everyday.
and finally,
i start today.
because as what i keep saying these days,
i want to improve myself, change myself.

I want to become slimmer, cleaner, and cleverer.
I want to speak more english.
I want to shower immediately once im home.
I want to keep fit.
And I want to be a more open person, daring to talk more in class, so that i can enjoy my class and be more active person. This is what a mass communication students should do right?

It might take a lot of time to change myself,
actually sometimes i also thinking that i am always saying, but can I?
i will try my best,
as long as i never think to give up.

good luck to myself, kellyetan!

- kell and chian.

- joyi and yilin.

- I believe myself. :)

Happy Birthday Dabez Sha!

- by kellye tan

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