Monday, November 21, 2011

| 21112011 | * Football Match.

Hey guys. Its my first time watching football match with mua friends. woohoo! well we not purposely doing that because we're rushing assignments. we went Piccadilly for dinner and there are crowded of people watching. We watch while eating. Our place is such a feng shui place and can see clearly. we were there for like 2 hours zzz.

And what the result we know is, Malaysia won! wooohoo. penalty Malaysia vs Indonesia 4-3. teehee. all the people in Piccadilly clapping hand and celebrating? Facebook and Twitter were full of Malaysia Malaysia words. besides, also full of status requesting for holiday. HAHA.

Good ball Malaysia! =)


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LuPorTi said...

You watched that match ya. Hehe. I didn't watch, but woke up the second day, FB was full of status of saying about holiday. Then I know we won the game. Hehe.