Sunday, November 6, 2011

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S A W A     D E E   K A A A A 

this early morning, woke up at 10am and rush to prepared cause im late. then bump onto puiyi's car and we went to Mid Valley for PC Expo. went there for a walk. cause we always work for these kind of fair and always serve the customer, why dont we let the promoter to serve us for one time? ;))

then, we also had Moo Cow Yogurt there and waiting the time to pass. 1pm, we left and went to One Utama to met up Ronald, ZhiHong, YuanFung and AwYong. we went there just to walk walk, yamcha like that. LOL.

first station, we went Jusco for mum mum. Mmmmm i found something niceeeeee! RM9.90 fresh salmon rice. woohoo! nyumnyum ♥ 

after meal, went Sasa, Watson and other shoplots just to walk walk. and our last station in ComeBuy. A weird shop name where selling drinks like Chatime. The name reminds me of 'Kampai'. LOL. well their sweet rose with brasil seeds is really not bad ;) we were there for like an hour. after that we leave.

Thanks to Puiyi be the driver today! teehee x)

- Moooooo 

- ComeBuy.

- AwYong, ZhiHong, Me, PuiYi, Ronald and YuanFung :3


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