Tuesday, November 15, 2011

| 15112011 | * Busy Day.

it's only Tuesday. but i feel that time flies, perhaps only this week because we're so damn effing busy! there's a lot of assignments. but i tried my best to update my blog :)

yesterday overnight at friend's house because it's too late to go home. it's danger. that time was around 3 something in ze midnight.

today also will overnight at friend's house due to tomorrow lecturer wants to check our work. so we have to rush. from early morning we went out for shooting the advertisement for our assignment, until 6pm. then back to friend's house.

after dinner at 10pm, we have to continue our editing, creating and this and that again .__. guess tonight we all will be dead and tomorrow will have a dead face as well.

i really feel thankful to all my friends that helped us out for the assignment. like help us for shooting, editing, helping us this and that. thankiew! ;)

Bless me good day.


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