Monday, November 21, 2011

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Good Evening :)

its been days im staying in friend's house that i never had before. i feel surprised that mua mum allowed me to do so. assignments stack up like a mountain and we're gonna to complete all of them.

it's first day, it had passed. there are few more days coming up, for us to stress up and stay up late. sleeping lesser and lesser. from 4 hours to 3 hours and to 2 hours. soon, i guess it will be an hour probably? our eye have become smaller and smaller even i feel like making up to go for class. people are getting blur and blur. soon, i cant remember anyone of you because im getting older and older.

what's the problem? assignment and time managing problem i guess. ze last day of fighting is on Friday because it's the due date of EVERYTHING. God bless. i have ze feeling that we might only sleep for less than an hour on Friday. or perhaps we will not have the chance to sleep.

Saturday and Sunday, everyone of us must rest kaokao and spend time with our family. because of our assignments, we didnt really contact each other. i miss them right now =/

and this Friday, there're our finals exam coming. ahhhhhhh, gayao! Wednesday im going to college taking test alone. ahhh so scary you know. hope ze lecturer dont be so mischievous to play us around.

- us.

Bless us,

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