Friday, November 11, 2011

| 11112011 | * Im Back to College Like A Kid! :)


Im finally back to college! I have to admit that after travel i feel abit lazy. Arghh but i have to control myself and never lose to the distraction of devil. I want ANGEL ♥ :)

Feeling weird but im happy in college today. Because im back to college just like small kids :p Peoples know that i like going school/college study right? Do you know? Nahh please remember that im a hardworking kid. HAHA.

although today classes were tired and some of them - boring =x but, i enjoy. teehee. class ended at 5pm and sixta picked me up because she need to use car. After that went back home to take a rest. NO, not nap. Its REST. like watching movies, enjoy and getting out of stress.

850pm, took bath and ready to out for OverTime ze beer time now! Yup, im waiting them to arrive my house. then we'll go somewhere else to get some foods. after that beer time! x)

who were they? Yilin, Chian and Daniel! x)

So why are you here? It's Friday! Let's enjoy people. Get away from your work, documents, papers, laptops! Go get some drinks chill with ya friends and release stress :))

Good Friday! 
#Wish111111 World peace, justice world and healthy family :)


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