Sunday, November 13, 2011

| 13112011 | * Assignment Day II.

. . . H e l l o     M y     D r e a m     L a n d . . .

it's another day of rushing assignment again. There's alot of assignment due tomorrow. Well, i woke up at 1230pm and had my brunch at home. Then i start doing nothing because my daddy is using my laptop to watch PPS T__T how stress, looking at own laptop but cant bring it back.that's suffering you know.

luckily im clever. i start using PC to type whatever craps that related to the assignment and email to my own hotmail. then when i realize my daddy fell asleep, i steal back my laptop and hide myself in room and start doing my assignment. i log in to my hotmail and download the file and continue my assignment. smart right? :p

at home, i only manage to do 2 pages. after a moment, i went out to SS15 Starbucks to pick up yilin and had meal in Face to Face Pan Mee, again. then, went to Subang Avenue Old Town to do assignment. hell laptop cant online again! guess my laptop having such network problem like my HP laptop last time. it's okay! i can more focus on my assignment. if needed, i use my phone to access the internet. that's good?

but when comes to sending email, i connect my laptop to my 3G so that i can use. luckily it works. LOL. around 1130pm, we left. Gawd my car parked in Carefour and it was closed and everywhere locked! Gosh how am i going to get my car out of there. luckily there's some people guide us along the way, i got no chance to tell, thank you Pak Cik :)

sent yilin home. then im home too. right now, right here, blogging :)

- good taste :)


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