Friday, June 17, 2011

| 17062011 | * Salary! :]

Woke up late today. teeheee, should be meeting puiyi, teckseang and chian by 1pm but i woke up at 1pm. teehee :p quickly rush to college area. met them at around 130pm, then bump onto teckseang's car then we went to damansara together to collect our salary :)

RM450 salary i've got it! :) then went to college area bank in. after that puiyi went back to my house and we rest. until around 745 then we out to bandar puteri had steamboat as dinner :p

around 10pm, dropped puiyi and went tesco with sixta :)

today i heard about you, i heard about how you falling in love with me, i heard about what is the plan of chasing me, i heard about how you used to do, i heard about the truly about you. iloveyou 


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