Monday, June 27, 2011

| 27062011 | * Happy Birthday Chian! ♥

guess what? it's Chian's birthday today! Happy Birthday mua dear! 

went to class as usual, but there are someone damn pretty and sexy today. who else? of course ze birthday girl lahh! ;D

class end, back to mua house rest. cause we are so damn tired. rest for a while then, start helping her to make up, so damn got image today :D then get ready and wait for Lek come and pick us up.

after that, gather location are Fei's house 

then move to the place - Yuan's Steamboat! :) we celebrate her birthday there for her, hope she dont mind :D

after that, gave presents and cut cake session :D

then, second round at Canai, Subang. yamcha there and mua brother so damn give face. he 
went there and wish Chian also. and also took photo as well :D 

late night, thanks to Lek sent me home :) Once again, Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy! 


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Arr chiaN said...

thanks for celebrating my bday with me and the present again :)
hehehe, im really happpie that day ok?
lol!!! sexy wahh?? mana ada sexy oo!! noob dou aaa :)
anyway, i love u all. <3 <3 mwahhhss