Tuesday, June 14, 2011

| 14062011 | * I Felt the 2 Tremors.

Good morning! ♥

Woke up at 6am, i think i didnt sleep at all? Because i woke up before the alarm rang. LOL. was staying in starbucks and do my research paper and also the projects. AHH! so damn alot of things to do and i am so sleepy ;(

Yuanyuan met me up and sit down and do his assignment as well. More while then, i saw the students from my college walked out from the campus. and heard they said earthquake? even bomba was there you know? LOL. so dramatic. after like maybe.. 45 minutes? student back into the campus as usual. so we continue do our things.

around 11am, i felt shaky and i look at Yuanyuan. he felt the same way as well! OMG i am so scary weihh! then i saw the status are all talking about earthquake. and the students from college walked out from the campus again. and even we heard people came in to starbucks and announce, all class cancel, can go home! but i still dont believe until i want to get answer from the lecturer. 

Yeah yeah, lastly seriously cancelled. campus close today. met up huibin and chian for a while then, i left back home. finally, i got to rest (: i damn tired! 

people who did not tried before, they feel like trying;
but once they tried, they feel scared. 

seriously, its scary O.O

everyone, take care!  ♥


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