Saturday, October 27, 2012

| 27102012 | * Big Bang's Concert.

Hohoho, it's the day! It's Big Bang's Concert Day! Woohoo! Lek, WaiHoong, Fei, YuanYuan, Andrew and me went to Aseanica for lunch because it's heavy rain :/ While waiting the rain stop, we play monopoly there. LOL! Then we starts gooooo! To Stadium Merdeka.

Met up Chian, her sister and a friend of theirs. We enter and start shouting! Too bad, it's raining again :/ Haihs. Big Bang hardly dance because the floor is wet. Even TaeYang were almost fell down because he keep playing with the water on the floor. LOL. In previous time, I dont really like G-Dragon, I like only his sound. But today, I saw he is really handsome! Seriously, I like him now. As well as Top and DaeSeung. Yup, BigBang really did well. Although its raining, but the fans were all here for you, Big Bang.

- Chian and me :)

- When they singing BLUE, all the yellow lights off :)


Then, last minute decision. They decided to watch Stolen at Mid Valley. No choice, I'm following their car and have to follow what they plan. I watch movie without jacket :(

Luckily my bag is big enough so that I'm okay. Hehehe. After movie then, I'm home :)

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