Thursday, October 4, 2012

| 04102012 | * Last Formal Presentation.


It's a tension day, for me. LOL! But luckily everything still used to be fine today, oh thanks God! We're actually having a very formal presentation, to present our script, which means our stories to the real life producer and video editor and actress. WAO! This is amazing i can said. This is really amazing if our script were to be chosen. But secondly, a very sad case. Our representative, Leena is too nervous and she kinda present not very well. HuiBin even cry because she feel like our group has screwed up the assignment. Honestly, I also think that we screwed up everything and i can said its totally fail. Kinda unhappy for that, but it's already over. We can do nothing, so i wont put the blame on Leena also. She had tried her best. She sent sms to me and apologize to me, and she felt bad she said. I can feel that she's really feel sorry to us.

- Group mate : Leena, HuiBin, Chian and Kavitha :)

- Chian and me :)

- Jason and me :)

- Andrew and me :)


After present, my stomach was starving and went to Jojo for brunch with Chian. About 1210pm, we left. Went back to Happy Garden alone. Took my shower and rest. I tell you, imma getting fat! Know why? Because in here, there's no wifi, what i can do is using my broadband and access limited website T.T If website that involve in a lot of media, i wouldn't access the website because i scare my broadband goes damn slow and i have no idea how would i continue my future. LOL. So when i got nothing to do, i start finding food to eat, so im actually keep on eating and eating, therefore, i gain weight! Argh! I need to go exercise! :(

Have a safe flight mum, kell  

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