Saturday, October 20, 2012

| 20102012 | * Yumimi's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Yumimi!
Although we knew each other for very short time.
But I'm here for you on your birthday! Keke :)

Thanks to Chian picked me up to Calvin's house. It's a surprise party for her.
We BBQ, eat, drink, play and have fun there.
Too bad Chian have to leave early, therefore WenHao and KS follow me home and collect my car so that I can go back to Calvin's house and continue the game :P

We play until about 6am only go home, WAO.

- Chocolate ball that made by Calvin :)

- Cake from ITMC :)

- Happy Birthday!

- ITMC :)

- The girls, Calvin's Mum, me, Chian, Yumimi and Crystal :)

- Thanks babe :)

Love, kell.

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