Friday, October 5, 2012

| 05102012 | * Badminton ❤

Yooboo! It's Friday. Nurse is not coming today. Woke up at 8am and ready some light food for grandmother. She has a bright smile today! And this made my day :D Please smile more yo! Hehehe. Besides, take shower for grandmother today. Other than that, what I did is study The Magic.

12pm, went to Subang for badminton! Yohohoho! I'm gonna sweat a lot today. Yeeeeha! Yup, I play a lot today. Very fun because still have other friends all play together. I enjoy a lot non-stop. Did you? I've started to loving badminton 2 versus 2. Because last time, I dont play 2 versus 2. I only play single player. Perhaps that time I still not close with them yet? And now we are close so I dare to team with them? Hahaha maybe :D How I wish I could play EVERYDAY. Maybe if I really do this, I will become more slim, hahaha! Just maybe?

4pm, finally end our match and went to Fei's house to discuss where to yamcha. Final decision is First Subang's Wong Kok again LOL! We were all plan to yamcha there but automatically, we're hungry. Exhaust! We had our tea time with Chian, Fei and Yaw. Lek also dont join us, maybe he wants to eat kitten food LOL! 630pm, we left and I back to grandmother house. Hi grandma :D

Xoxo, kellye.

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Anonymous said...

It's good almost everyday to exercise
When you do that don't be surprised
You'll have a more gorgeous body
To be proud of, really not maybe