Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Today *02.09.2008//*

today after school,
me, dear, pui yi and teck seang rush to wakil store,
get present and camera and rush to ipoh chicken rice,
move the sprays to up stair,
then we choose a nice place and we hide the sprays.

after all,
4 of us ran to ttc and meet them up.
see hui try to help us stop amanda not to go ipoh chicken rice firz.
teehee. =D
we rush there and amanda look so fidgenty.
then we say we went in school and find teachers?
[ what a lame....... ]

then we went ipoh chicken rice lur.
and we 2pm only can start our celebrations.
but we end our school at around 12.35pm ler.
so we try to eat slowly.
oh ya,
who were there that time?
the WHATEVER, teck chuan and also lai lai.
teck chuan and lai lai is last minute der.
so d planning abit change liao lur.
tech seang and lai lai plan to go old town buy cake.
then they also go dee lur.

keep finding them.
keep on asking when they back, where they go and many many.
im sms+ing with lai lai that time but i just answer her :" i dont know?"
so bad.
amanda keep on runing.
so yeng.
wanna go playground lar, wanna go bank lar, wanna go seven eleven lar, wanna go ttc lar, wanna go in school lar........
go here go there.
i also deno wanna how.

around 1.50pm,
me and puiyi went seven eleven to collect back our cake cause we ask them keep for us.
then we put all the candles and light up at down stair.
besides that,
up stair's light are off.
teck seang and lai lai also back d.
they bought cream!
we didnt tot wanna play cream ler.
nvm ba.

still lighting our candles,
amanda ran down!
the plan fail d.
too bad.
she stunned there.
then she walked back up stair.

then we just continue ba.
we sing birthday song and bring 3 cakes to the tables.
and finish singing,
we start spray and 2 of the cream cake were punch onto amanda's face.
yeah baybeh.
ipoh chicken rice's up stair let us make til all the floor were full of oily cream and also the sprays.
amanda use the cream and disturb us back.
what the........
luckily all of us bring extra shirt and shorts.
and before this we already ask ttc tutor that permission for shower there.
we also bring extra shirt and shorts for amanda.
see the plan so attentive ya. :)

after all,
we clean up all the place we play.
even toilet also full of cream and the spray.
play until there.
a long distance ler!
after clean up,
amanda went seven eleven bought a towel and face cleanser and shower at ttc lur.
after that,
we went playground also.
amanda love the place.

after everything,
we went home lur.

* seriously,
i fail my job. :'(
i fail to plan everything.
too bad.
i didnt manage my job well.
too bad.
im sad.

puiyi's birthday - planned by Amanda. [ success well ]
amanda's birthday - planned by Me. [ fail ]

too bad.
im sad.
im so so sad.
i've fail my job.
although everyone happy,
but for my ownself opinion,
actually i didnt handle my job well.
a small job i cant handle well,

what about big job?
the whole city will fall.
its too bad for me.


Happy Bithday Amanda. =]
[ i know u love pink, xD ]

- amanda's cake from WHATEVER.

- amanda's card designed by me. =]

- Getting ready?

- what a creamy cake.

- oh no baybeh.

- its getting to start~

- 2 creamy cakes. high geii. lol.

- so many hand with sprays.

- sprayyyyyyyyyyyzzz~

- pitty da~

- high geii around.

- see the floor..

- cut da cake, happy birthday!! =]

- hahah, cute da. xD

- the cake. =]

- what are the girls talking about?

- cleaning up, i dont know what am i doing. xD

- see hui and kell. da cream~

- this is d captain who help us alot. thanks!! =]

- this is the WHATEVER. love u all. muacks! =]

- the WHATEVER + lai lai. =]

- kell & da. [ after da shower.]

- waah, see, the air cond very nice ler...~~

- teck seang also wanna shower. xD

- da da is hugging d present oioi er.. =] so cute!

- by kellye tan

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