Monday, March 31, 2008

My Today *\\31.03.2008//*

everythin g is normal luu.
early in the morning,
First period.. BI~
The teacher likes to schout one nor.
well, everyone agree about that.

Annice was standing outside my class,
she asked me go out of the class.
Then i just go out as usual,
she asked me :" Your parents work at Puchong?"
"Yea, why?"
Annice said:" Oh shit..~"

"Girl, why you go out there...........~"
Then shout what go out without his permission, did i allow you go out, what this is ur manner ar.. bla bla blaaa...~

Oh please lar,
scolding ppl didnt do homewrk but dont turn the arrow on me and shoot me okay?! do you know manner too? do not shout alright? understand?
Damn fish wei~
whole class so quite suddenly..
i juz look his eye, act like nothing.
Bluekz~ sobs er.
but i juz try to tell myself,
dont because of him and change my mood.
so i juz didnt care him nor.
i think he's second teacher who shout on me.
first was in form 3, Pn. Fong.
tQ her. shitz. the fuc*ing.
i hate her and she hate me too.
so just like that, she always stare at me.
even during her class, science, i also didnt study well.
that's why i hate science.
every science teacher not good with me include my tuition.

Hmm but i notice one thing today,
CHS teacher like to shout?
form 1 at seksyen 4 didnt get shout before a;right?
even im so so naughty.
It's okay.
let it be.
just feel that im so so innocent.
It's okay.
second thanks to him again.
i wont forget teacher who shout on me.
there's always in my heart.
that i always remember what the teacher's disposition. maybe he's getting menstruation even he's a guy.
terrible man!
im just fire with it.

then then then..
BM change teacher dee luu.
This teacher sound so small, and writing also.
not much studentslisten what she teaching.
include me..
i prefer Pn. Zaipah.
she's d better one. =]
But i always sleep during her class.

then then then..
tuition nor.
so many new students..
all, CHS..~
mathieu tan tan also tuition with me er.. =]

then then..
koko fetch me n puiyi back..
he drive so fast today.
dono what happen nor.
but he go back also oioi oni.

then then,
tmr many books er.
go sleep in class tmr ba. =]

-by kellye tan

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