Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Today *\\26.03.2008//*

Today sleep le 1 hour in class luu.
Sleepy er..
and i get my seni marks edi.
i forget what my marks edi.
post it for my nez blog baa. =]

After school,
me, PL and Tong walk far far.
To d bus stop.
Shit, damn hot!
Until PL's karateh also.. [Ehmm..]
After that,
we reached Sunway!
Then we went to toilet and change our clothes.
After that,
during the way we walking out d entrance of Sunway,
I saw Chor Ee, Calvin, Wai Yin and Wei Yeik they all luu.
Talk talk a while luu.
Then we went to mum mum luu.
Then saw Wendy ooh!
Then we eat eat eat thn walk walk walk back Sunway.
Then we went to da gei cheong find Nicholas.
I gave him present, his birthday ner~
Happy Birthday Dee~!
Walk in thr,
Swts, play gun again.
Everytime saw him also was playing gun der.
He pro i knw.
Then we play d 3 colours after that play Mario Kart.
Nice game man~
Besides that, me and PL also got play the push push d.
Knee there blueblack again.
Deno why?
When i da gei until blueblack.
I felt happie. =]
Mayb i feel that's fun?

Then we walk walk, kao zai..~
I wont go in Padini Konsep anymore man!
Hate it. inside d ppl damn damn perasan and 38!
Me and Tong help friend take a guy's number.
The guy lansi lansi dwn give.
Like tot himself very very handsome like that.
Ohh please larh. Need i borrow him mirror ernot?
He tot i want his number.
Damn shit.
He deno how to write d word lan yeng izzit?
Hate it~!

After that, Tong back dee luu.
Me and PL went to buy coffe and drink.
Then we also went to outside d In Q Box d chair there.
Sit there, keng gai gai and drink coffee.
Then we walk walk..
saw Wai Yin sit outside Pink Pussy Cat..
I guess i know what happen?
He find his friend there, so i also didnt cross over there luu.
After kacau kacau, haihz.

Then me and PL went to da gei again!
Da da da da da da da !
I spent around 15 bucks for da gei.
My sister went to cut hair.
Then me and PL walk walk walk again.
Then 3 of us went to Dragon-I mum mum..
Order so many things.
Full er.
After that, around 9 something luu.
We back home luu.
Back home,
i do my BI homewrk.
Going to dead.
So so tired n sleepy.

- xiu long bao

- chicken

- chicken

-owhch my leg!

- by kellye tan

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