Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Today *\\19.03.2008//*

During assembly,
discipline teacher said that they will have spot check start from Monday for every classes.
Wanna check pin nar, this nar that nar.
ma ma fan fan.

we went for LM got a taklimat.
Its about a camp..
feel going but not sure my friend going er not.
See how firz~
Few days de wor..
And committee say until like very hard to complete the mission like that.
Abit worry..

Then went back class,
BC teacher discuss the exam paper..
She in class = didn't in class..
Sien oni.
Then 2 period science relieve again.
Really my science teacher didn't teach us one.
I wanna oioi er....
Tong dun let..
So we keng gai gai outside the classroom..
But quite enjoy~

Then recess luu.
go mum mum.
After that 3 period seni RELIEVE AGAIN~!
Got come to sch = din come.
same same one.
Tong also wanna oioi.
I wait for that moment for so long time already.

Because only she sleep, baru i can sleep. ==
We sleep for around 1 hour, 2 period..
After that 1 more period i also forget what i did dee.
Blur blur ma.

Last period,
Juz copy abit thingy and ask us back home do oni lur.
Then me, Puiyi, Tong, Pei Ling went to Sunway Pyramid by bus.
We take our lunch at Shilin again.
After that,
went to da gei cheong..
And i met up Nicholas again.
Tong play those gun gun thingy with Pei Ling.
Nicholas also play gun thingy.
I play 3 colours with Puiyi.
After that,
me, Tong and Pei Ling play 3 colours again.
Suddenly got a guy deno who er.
Keep like teaching us how to play lar like that.
Oh please lar.
We know de okay..!?
Then he keep suddenly come in help us play..
Mother, he very geng mer?
We paid you know.
He come in play..
No money juz shoo! go away please.
we all girls there he kacau.
What lar him..
Like old man but not really.
Like student but not really like.
Not human being?!
Impossible guar.
At least i know he got eyes, nose, ears, mouth and can speak! alright?

Then we went back luu.
Nicholas also went to his college study luu.

Around 3.45pm,
we went to Redbox.
Pei Ling with Tong one room manakala me and Puiyi one room.
They 53, we 54.
Then we go their room kacau kacau,
they also come our room kacau kacau.
Actually i sing alone for myself der.
Then Puiyi also wanna join, so with me lur.
Then we sing sing sing...~
End dee,
we went to Redbox toilet take alot of pics.
All siao pics.
The toilet was damn noisy~
All of us keep laughing.
I keep laugh with Pei Ling,
Pei Ling what also laugh,
Tong laugh with me and Pei Ling,
Puiyi laugh because she saw we all laugh.
What am i talking about?

where we gotta go nez station?
We find for our food.
Our dinner.
We went Kim Gary to take our dinner.
Today i went Kim Gary,
i learnt a new, special, and cacat name - Kendrex
Because i wrote the feedback.
Very sien ma nothing to do.
Plus baru give ppl scold me rude words[by brother]..
Abit bo mood like that..
Then i wrote my name, my email add, occupation there.
Then i wrote d Kendrex are always with smiling to customer and Loong d senior are greatly with customer.

After that,
around 9pm,
we leave there and went to Starbucks,
wait for my brother.
Then we leave Sunway Pyramid for today.
And fetch Tong and Puiyi back after that.

And then i shower and sit here writing my blog.
That's all for my blog today.
Good Night. =]

-by kellye tan

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