Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Today *\\9.03.2008//*

wonderful today. =]
Today morning around 11 something,
my first call received from Evelyn sis. =]
She called me and told me that she'll reach my house around 1pm+

After that,
i brush my teeth,
wash my face and went downstairs and look what my breakfast have today.
It's rice and some veges.
So i ate my breakfast and wait for my baby Evelyn sis.

Why is she late?
already 3pm..
she came!!
Oh my dearly princess came edi!
damn happie. =]
She bring me sambals.
Her mom made.
It is soo nice!
My sis ask her about recipe.
Because really nice!
yummy yummy..~ =p

Besides that,
we chit chat for so long hours.
From 3 something to around 9pm.
She also enjoy her dinner, fried meehoon and maggie tom yum here.
My house nothing much but maggie.
So we also made a card for Seksyen 4 those Basketball MSSD,
to cheer them up!
Give them support!
That card not that nice, not that special,
but it consist our of our heart, out support to them.
Hope they can understand. =]

Seriously have fun with her today.
I seldom spend much time on her.
But today,
we really chat a lot!
And somore Thursday will go Sunway..
Chatzzz again.
Love her lots!
she's cute!
My little cute sis!

-by kellye tan

1 comment :

+~\*eVeLyN*/~+ said...

i m ur little princess??
my pleasure!!!
so happy er...
got u puiix me..
so many thing we do ar..
like siao lang..but that day u haven buy medicine..