Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Today *\\24.03.2008//*

tired tired.
Today slept around half an hour in class luu.
For my BM period.
When i got my BM paper,
i totally shock.
I dont even wanna think anything,
i juz bend over the table and sleep.

Then i got my moral paper too.
As usual, fail one.
Its okay cause i guess that edi.
But my BM arh man~!!
I guess i may be fail but i juz espect i'll be passing~~!

Gambartaeh again nor for nez term.
If not still got what i can do?
Haihz so now i got 3 failure.
But d next term exam i will not take add maths dee luu.
Juz drop it.
Useless i guess for future multi-desinger?

Today my tuition class..
everything is still fine.
Maths and sejarah fine. =]
I'm understand sejarah!
I gotta point~
But for today oni.
Maybe coming chapter not that easy huh?
Hmm, gotta gambartaehss!!

Then back home have an hour nap.
Woke up oni i have my dinner.
After that do my homewrk and pack my stuff.
Then refresh!! shower..~
After that i gotta study for an hour for my studies?
Then only online write my blog.

That's all for my today luu.

Bahasa Melayu - 32%
Moral - 12%

-by kellye tan

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