Saturday, December 15, 2012

| 15122012 | * Watson Music Festival.

Wooops! We were invited to Watson Music Festival! Thanks for ze invite, ChingYih. How long we never meet :P PuiYi and AiSha were there with us as well, since there is extra tickets. Seriously, I think they felt boring. Feel so guilty of asking them to go along :( Because even me myself feeling boring too. I play games until my handphone is out of battery. But anyways, get to hear Mizz Nina, Bob and Far East Movement to sing. It's pretty good chance.

- Wow, quiet crowded huh? :P

- Thank you ChingYih!

- With ling.


Because its crowded, I started to feel hot.
So I moved the cap behind, act like a kiddo :P


- Starts raining. End up we are sitting :)


After the concert, we went to Murni for dinner.
Chat a lot and we were home.

Blogged, kell.

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