Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Hey Wednesday! I woke up at 11am and did some simple house work. Then met up AiSha for badminton! Ngekz. At the same time, I found that I'm old :/ We played for half an hour and we feel tired already! OHMAIGAWD. Dont know why, feeling my leg lack of energy today, like I can easily squad down :/

After badminton, we went to have lunch in restaurant nearby. 230pm, I went home. Rest, start blogging and so on. Facing the computer watching YouTube and browsing some social website. That probably spent me like 3 hours. dwing dwing My whatsapp pop out a message from PuiYi, asking me whether I have any plan tonight but no. Still wondering I should stay at home or going out for food because my wallet left cents. LOL, pretty poor recently. She straight away come to my house, she said that decide at my house. Meaning I MUST go out -.-" Anyhow, I'm okay with anything since she so miss me. I let her have a look on me :P

We planned to go SeaPark for Nasi Lemak! At the same time, I asked the few friends which we long time never meet. KokMing, KaiJin and Schumann. Surprisingly, they were all ON. Wao that's cool? First station, SeaPark Nasi Lemak. Then, it's raining and we plan to have second round to yamcha at Piccadilly. Suddenly, blabla this and that and we end up order a towel of Carlsberg. KaiJin met us there and chat a lot of stuffs. We left at about 1115pm. Still early and we go for third round in Taman Megah Ming Tien Foodcourt. KaiJin left. Left me, PuiYi, Schumann and KokMing. We chat a lot today and we planned something on Christmas! WAO I'm so happy that I dont have to be alone! I have a bunch of friends with me on Christmas! Aww I love you guys. I have plans! Yay I have plans! :D

He dont let me shoot the beer only.
Die die also wanna be there -.-"
Hahaha, this is Schumann!
Good time with you guys,
thanks for renting the house for us to have Christmas Party :')

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