Tuesday, December 18, 2012

| 18122012 | * Work for HP Event.

so not me today :p

Got a one day event job in Jalan Alor, Havana Bar, as HP's thanking and a Merry Little Christmas dinner night. Me and AiSha are actually work at registration booth. WAO, the lighting there is probably 'good', I guess I'm gonna blind. The few of the participants were wondering can we actually find their names? 

Our work is actually started at 5pm but before that, we were working as event crew. Anyway, I enjoy working as a crew which I like it so much! Dont have to hard sell, dont have to hit target, dont have to stand whole day and do nothing, I learn nothing. Today, I learnt something! I learnt to decorate a christmas tree, I learnt to open the photo photo frame by using a card and push it without hurting my nails, I learnt to register for the participants, I learnt to see the words with only a candle of light, I learnt to greet people before wanting their name cards, I learnt teamwork. All of these little bites were added in my experience of work. I'm glad that I learnt something new :')

Besides that, we've got free drinks. And guess what, today I knew that there is a mineral water tat cost RM12. WALAO TO THE MAX. But I didnt try it because I'm afraid to get scold :P I've enjoy the work and the beer that treat by the bosses, cheers. I can see the budget that a client would willing to give out on prizes and something else. That moment, I'm thinking on something... Is this what I wanna be in the future? Is this what I want to study in the future? For what my mum told me, an event planner might need to sacrifice something to people, to get the business/project. I was thinking, did they sacrifice something? Is it this world are cruel or this is reality? I wonder.

Anyway, they sent us back to Subang on 12am and we are home safely.

Before work and after work, different huh? :p


Cosmetic I used today:

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
Skin Food White Grape BB Cream
Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer (Beige)
A'Pieu Waterproof Mascara (From Korea)
Shu Uemura Blushers

Be thankful, kell.

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